Artist Statement


I sculpt and draw because I enjoy shaping idea into form.

At what point do a few lines on a page become the suggestion of a human figure? How does a stump of wood start to curve into the shape of a thigh?

I am fascinated by this process of creation, especially as it relates to the human form because it is the only subject that through the ages is truly universal and timeless, and yet in the same moment individual and immediate.

In my investigation of the human body, I seek beauty in all shapes and sizes and focus attention on the most expressive portion of each individual body or pose. I omit expected elements and simplify shapes to their most basic forms. I compose figures from unusual materials or shapes. I spotlight sections which might otherwise be ignored or forgotten if the subject were depicted whole and completely realistically. I constantly challenge myself to find new ways of seeing, and I hope that my works will encourage viewers to do the same.

The materials I choose to work with are an extension of this exploration. I focus on the natural beauty of each medium and utilize the characteristics of the medium to create a beautiful form. I choose wood with expressive flaws. I use clear finishes. I leave areas of paper exposed. I allow unfinished edges. I invite touch. I leave evidence of my hand and clues for the viewer about the way in which I coax the materials into a work of art. I want viewers to be able to navigate my works and join in the journey.

I am also dedicated to expanding the ways in which I represent what I see. I constantly seek fresh objectives. I teach myself new skills. I work in a variety of different media and styles. I thrive on the challenge of continually seeking and learning, and I strive to communicate this joy of discovery with viewers of my works.

Each piece I create symbolizes a journey through idea, material, and representation. I respond to each piece as it is forming - changing and evolving my ideas as befits the work. I gain great gratification from seeking the best material to embody an idea or discovering the shapes hidden within a material. I take pride in my work and am only satisfied when a piece is completed to the best of my abilities.

I sculpt and draw because I deeply enjoy each stage of the process of creating works of art. Art is my passion, and I am excited by the promise of new materials and ideas I have yet to discover.